Apartments Near 30th Street Station

When it comes to public transportation, Philadelphia may not have the intricate subway system that New York City has, but its simplified network of underground rails and buses serve the City of Brotherly Love just fine. And there’s one thing that can’t be denied: Getting in and out of the city via public transportation is as easy as can be, thanks to its extensive commuter rail system. Since it’s easy to comfortably live in this city without a car, if you do need to frequently travel in and out, you’ll want to take a look at apartments near 30th Street Station.

Travel anywhere in the Northeast

From this major hub, you can get just about anywhere in the Northeast — no, really, you can — thanks to the plethora of Amtrak lines running in and out of the massive station. Need to head to Boston for business? Skip the chaos that is the airport and instead opt for a scenic ride on the train. Want to spend a day meandering the City That Never Sleeps? A quick train ride is all it takes! Looking for an educational trip to our nation’s capital? Head to the train!

The best part of it? Though the train may take a little longer, it drops you off right in the heart of whichever city you’re visiting, so you end up exactly where you need to be! (Not to mention, there’s no need to show up two hours early or deal with a lengthy check-in process when you take the train.)

Easy Commutes Through Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

Of course, you don’t have to be traveling out of the state to take advantage of the offerings at 30th Street Station. This key transportation spot links you up to a plethora of buses, trollies, trains, and more to get you wherever it is you need to go, whether you’re looking to take a longer trip or just need to get to and from work each day.

It doesn’t get much better than starting out at our apartments near 30th Street Station. Not only are you right in the heart of all the City of Brotherly Love has to offer, but you’re perfectly situated to get exactly where you need to go.

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