When someone you love requires an extended stay at the hospital, one of your first thoughts is, How can I be there for support every day? A hotel may first come to mind, but if you have a family member staying at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) or Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania, you may prefer a more comfortable alternative. Offering housing for families of hospital patients is something for which Korman Residential at 3737 Chestnut is known. Short- and long-term luxury furnished apartment options offer a true home away from home, so that you can maintain your lifestyle in the most stress-free way possible.

Super Close to CHOP and UPenn Hospitals

Located less than a mile and a half away from both CHOP and UPenn, 3737 Chestnut couldn’t be more convenient—and convenience is exactly what you need during this emotionally difficult time. Comfortable, upscale features and top-notch apartment services mean you can move in and get settled quickly and easily. There are floor plans for all kinds of space needs, as well as flexible leasing options. Your comfort and your satisfaction are important, and that’s precisely what it means to care about housing for families of hospital patients.

The Comfort and Convenience of Home

Home is supposed to be a place where you don’t have to worry. You have privacy, safety, and familiar comforts. Being able to live just a few blocks away from the hospital gives you the freedom to maintain a certain level of normalcy during a not-so-normal time. It allows you to come and go from the hospital as needed without having to worry. Too tired after an emotionally exhausting day? Call on the on-site 24-hour concierge to help you coordinate package acceptance, dry cleaning, or have food brought to you when you can’t face cooking. Need to have your mail held or your plants watered for a few days? That’s part of 3737 Chestnut’s top-notch services also. Been running around and forgot the rent was due that day? Online rent payment makes that no big deal. There’s even a resident portal that allows you to track packages, submit requests to management, and so much more, so you can manage some of life’s pesky details remotely. It’s not easy being the patient, but don’t forget that it’s also not easy being the family of the patient. Providing comfortable, upscale housing for families of hospital patients requires a level of compassion, flexibility, and commitment you won’t find at a hotel.


If you find yourself in the difficult situation of having to find a place to temporarily stay while helping care for a family member at CHOP or UPenn hospital, consider a furnished apartment at Korman Residential at 3737 Chestnut. Your life is a lot of things, but for the time being, you can use all the comfort and convenience you can get. So if you are looking for a move-in ready home that truly feels like home, call today for leasing details